The Goodbye Pie
a guide to mindful mania
My name is Francesca Simpson. I am a psychiatric survivor who has been wrestling with Victoria's mental health system for the last fifteen years. My wish is to help others mired in the system. I am not part of the anti-psychiatry movement and I do not have any formal training. I can only offer peer support and advocacy to those being involuntarily treated in Victoria under British Columbia's Mental Health Act.
As an advocate who is also a peer, I will first ask you what you want and need.

Some of the things I can do to help:

  • visit you at the Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • bring you coffee
  • accompany you on FABs (fresh air breaks)
  • accompany you on day passes
  • help you find housing
  • help you with budgeting
  • coach you if you wish to try a Review Panel