The Goodbye Pie
a guide to mindful mania

What Is The Goodbye Pie?
by Francesca Simpson

“The Goodbye Pie” is what I call a manic delusion that I held in the spring of 2010. It was a difficult time, to say the least: I was experiencing florid psychosis, an impending eviction and contentious divorce proceedings.

As is typical in January, work is slow and I've been casting about for something to do in my spare time. Robert Whitaker's website very kindly published my article about involuntary community care . This has led me to embark upon a book on the subject. Erick Mertz of Portland, Oregon will be assisting me with The Goodbye Pie.

But, back to 2010 ... as the sweet sounds of Don McLean's “American Pie” drift through my living room, it suddenly occurs to me that all of my problems – indeed, all the problems in the universe – can be solved through analysis of its lyrics. For the youngsters out there, here's a snippet:

    Bye, bye Miss American Pie
    Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
    And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye
    Singin' this'll be the day that I die

And here's what came to my profoundly troubled mind:

American Pie. American. Mum was born in Montana. And now this is on the radio! What are the odds? That's incredible. I have to make sense of all this, but how? Yes! I've got it! American pie ... goodbye, American pie ... Goodbye Pie. I will open the Goodbye Pie Bakery. I will bake my way out of my madness. Do I have eggs and butter? How would I know? I overturned the fridge last night, so I can't open it to see. Why is there flour everywhere? What's that sound? Is that the wild pigs roaring in my backyard again? Should I call the police? The police are getting tired of my calls. Should I go to the hospital again? Why won't they help me?